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Bacon ipsum dolor amet sirloin swine capicola fatback, tongue brisket alcatra. Sirloin flank strip steak biltong prosciutto. Frankfurter boudin beef ribs beef, prosciutto capicola spare ribs sausage pig. Frankfurter pork loin corned beef, flank bacon ball tip sirloin beef ribs chuck porchetta. Brisket ham leberkas, sausage cupim ground round meatball pastrami. Tongue short loin andouille…

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I love a Good List!

This is me making a list so that I can see how nested list items behave… Go to Victoria in January How? In a Ferry of course? Will you bring a car? I think they have busses and/or horses.  Those crazy Canadians. Will you stay in a hotel? They have some amazing hotels, I don’t…

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Meet our Staff

This is Marcello the Cat, he’s the boss. This is me Marcus, you might remember me from the homepage, I’m the Vice President. This is a picture of the toilet and faucet I installed in our downstairs bathroom.  They team up with Marcello to outvote me at board meetings 3-1.

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Candle in the Wind

I can remember Elton John singing Candle in the Wind at Princess Diana’s funeral as if it were yesterday.   At the time of that song I was not familiar with the original Candle in the Wind, or Goodbye Norma-Jean.  But now in my old age I can call up both songs in my memory and…

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