Mozart’s Piano Sonatas, the perfect accompaniment to de-stressing…

Mozart’s piano sonata’s are some of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.  My favorite performers are Murray Perahia or Mitsuko Ochida.  Miss Ochida plays with great passion and energy, and Mr. Perahia plays with romance and gentleness.  Both styles have been appropriate in my life lately.  I work as a mental health therapist and often after a long day of seeing client’s I yearn for a gentle reprieve and I know I can find it in the work of Mr. Perahia.  I had a professor in college who often felt that the invention of the cd and the stereo was one of the most important inventions of the modern era, because it took something that was once only reserved for those who could afford to have skilled musicians playing in their presence, and made skilled musicians from all over the world and in every genre available to all.  I think I agree with him, at least I certainly do after a long day at work.

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